Validated Statistics Can Help You Build a Business Case for Workplace Wellness

Companies that invest in the physical, mental and social health of their employees create a supportive and healthy workplace culture, which helps attract and retain high-caliber employees. These companies have greater customer satisfaction because healthy employees are more satisfied at work and as a result, are more productive.

Because lifestyle factors are modifiable with the appropriate workplace interventions, the burden of workplace costs related to chronic illness can be slowed or lowered with targeted wellness programming.

Those who require financial evidence arguments to support their business case need look no further than these research findings highlighted below.  These statistics shout out loudly to "the cost of doing nothing" for your
organization. Left unaddressed, these types of statistics will continue to  grow as your workforce ages.

Click here for a list of validated statistics that may be helpful as you build your own business case for workplace wellness or an employee health/wellness intervention.


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