Here you will find answers to our most asked questions about workplace wellness.

What is wellness or well-being?

Wellness is physical, psychological and spiritual.

Experts may use terms such as harmony or attunement to describe wellness, while in research, people report they have peace of mind, a feeling of hope and comfort with their own body.

Wellness does not mean perfection. It’s more of a continuum than an absolute. A state of being instead of a status you need to attain.

What is a workplace wellness program?

A workplace wellness program is any combination of health and fitness initiatives or programs that are put in place to support, encourage or educate employees about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. They inspire employees to actively engage in the pursuit of optimal well-being. 

Such programs have been shown to benefit individual employees as well as positively impact the organization’s bottom line.

What are the benefits of a wellness program to the employee?

More and more studies show that employees involved in workplace wellness feel better, have fewer accidents and injuries, less incidence of disease and more stamina and resilience.  Involved employees lose weight, sleep better and have a greater degree of enjoyment with co-workers, family and friends.  In addition, they are able to handle stress and negative emotion more effectively, have a greater job satisfaction and loyalty to the organization.

Do I need to have onsite facilities to have a wellness program?

An onsite facility is convenient but not necessary. Wellness programs can be as simple as having healthy snacks in the vending machine, offering stress reduction classes, a daily stretch program or organizing a group walking program. No matter what your circumstances, a corporate wellness program can be designed to your specific needs and budget.

Is implementing a workplace wellness program a big investment?

Everyone can create wellness. It doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to cost a lot.  Wellness programs can be as simple as offering lunchtime yoga classes in a meeting room to negotiating a group discount rate with your local gym.  Programs can be as comprehensive as providing access to onsite medical services, like massage therapy and naturopathic medicine, health risk assessments, workshops and on-site fitness facilities.  No matter what your circumstances, a wellness program can be designed to your needs and budget.


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