Lewis-Daly & Associates specializes in providing workplace wellness solutions and programs to organizations. Our workplace wellness services offer clients practical, holistic, and customized strategies for improving the health and well being of their employees with a focus on prevention.

We specialize in working with employers to create learning events and programs designed to impact the bottom line. When companies that are focussed on business strategy seek healthy workplace cultures and endorse health promotion programs, they are likely to see that they:

  • Attract the best talent
  • Retain the talent
  • Realize lower absence and illness-related costs

Within these healthy organizations, their employees are :

  • Engaged
  • Performing at higher levels
  • Satisfied
  • Respectful of others, and
  • Display a higher degree of accountability. 

By contracting Lewis-Daly & Associates, you provide your employees with a comprehensive wellness program, designed specifically to meet their needs and the needs of your company.


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